Women Empowerment

LAD supports the advancement of women, in partnership with men. LAD offers life skills, vocational and entrepreneurial training, mentoring, and other forms of support to become effective members of the society in areas of health, as well as social responsibility.

Income generating

In order to alleviate poverty on needs food and money, to generate food and money you really need business/trade and agriculture, however many women and youths do not have money to get started.
Micro-loans are one of the solutions to the plight of the impoverished.
The loans give an opportunity to youths and women to improve the quality of their lives and give them back the self-esteem they lost in circumstances of diseases and poverty.
The organization objective is to identify the main obstacles for small scale farmers and help them to find solution.
Create SACCO for traders and farmers as wells as groups/association to enable them access micro-loans and alternative financing options to run and expand their businesses.

Health sector

Nutrition, communicable HIV/AIDs, reproductive health and proper hygiene has remained one of the biggest challenges to the Africa rural Population.


Multi-intervention approach to improve access to waters, sanitation and hygiene through rehabilitation of boreholes, construction of wells and water tanks piped water schemes and latrines for the less privileged populations.